Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ramp and a Deck

Spring 2007
It had become clear that not only were the old house steps rotting, they needed more than a simple fix.
At the age of 94, my dad was having a hard time getting in or out of the house. He looked forward to nice days in his garden, but is was just not safe for him to do anymore.
With some help from friends, we made a ramp with a very gentle drop to a small deck that he could sit on. We filled a wash tub with gold fish for him to feed and he enjoyed the next several months sitting outside.
He made it once to see the new vegetable garden space by the house for my mom and to see the cleaned up back yard.
It might not have been as big of a project as some, but it made a big difference for my dad in the few months he was able to enjoy it.

He passed away on November 16th, 2007

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