Saturday, July 11, 2009

Building the Picket Fence

May 2006
We made the deadline.

And found a new agent and insurance company.

We also found a water line or tree root about every place we wanted a post for the lets just say Bob Villa would not be proud...Norm either.

We used the basic Home Depot pickets, but sturdier 2x4's and coated deck screws so our fence would not have the rust issues the neighbors all have with theirs.

The building of the fence and painting was a lot easier than the work trying to get to the point we could even measure for the fence.

I put the posts on the outside to reflect the roof like of the house with the posts that stand out too.

Once we got to the "drive way" we had to discover it too.

So after decades of not having a drive way to park in, we had to find it under the stuff & plants

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