Saturday, July 11, 2009

Exterior Painting Done

Summer 2009

Mom wanted dark red trim on the house so she would not have the forth house on the top of the street with green.

But with 2 coats on the kitchen window trim, she decided maybe not.

Since one house had sage greens, the other blue greens and the third forest greens, and her house was dominated by a big yellow brick fireplace, we had to find a green that was different and still worked with all the yellow

Officially the color is "Harmonic Tan" kind of a greenish tan. Or as my mom has called it: pea soup (she checked against a bowl), puke, baby poo..... I went with celery green and eggplant purple trim. The photos do not show the color true, but it looks really nice.
I also did new window screens, even getting windows that were painted shut in the 60's back to opening and new sheer curtains to fit the style of the house.
We have been planting new plants in purples and whites and finally doing some more of the fun part of fixing up the house.
I still have the garage to paint
The Deck needs a fresh coat of stain
Mom decided to clean off the paint brush on the old wood furniture, so that needs paint now too.
But, for those I am finally breaking down and buying a paint gun!
And of course then the picket fence will need a fresh coat.
Oh and the new side gate too!
We still have to figure out some kind of garage door too
And then there is the kitchen that needs a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint.
And of course all the rooms in the old part of the house need drywall...and the wood floors refinished and....
I did discover a new favorite thing along the way.
Ryobi! I think I need them, Home Depot and the Costco food court as sponsors.

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