Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Laminate Flooring

July 2009

Some days things go smooth and just as planned, other days......not so much.

My mom was happy to see the floor going in, but had found out about a party at church and really wanted to go. I told her to just plan on going because this was not going to be something easy for her to help with.

She found out that the party....was the next Sunday.

She decided she should set the live trap because a giant raccoon was sitting on her front porch Friday night. Usually it take several tries for our old live trap to actually catch anything. But Saturday night was a "lucky" night. She caught....a baby skunk.

It was a good thing she did not have a party to go to, because she sure would have cleared out the room with the special perfume she had on.....

She covered the baby skunk with a sheet while trying to find some one to come and pick it up on a Sunday. Unfortunately the trap was right in front of the tool room door. With one very stinky skunk.

I thought I had seen a tool very similar to the pounding tool to pull the boards together in the shed...but I sure was not going to go look for it, besides the spec's posted on the Home Depot site for the underlayment were not I was heading to HD anyway.

The rest of the day went pretty good...well except that with no one to come to get the skunk, Mom opened the trap and the baby skunk ran for it.....right into the tool shed.

I finished the floor on Sunday and Monday did the baseboards and trimmed the windows and doors

One thing about an old house....Straight, Level and Plumb just are a concept. So is 16" on center and 2x4 with today's dimensions....(less than 2x4)

Norm would not be proud...but I think he would have started with a bulldozer to begin with.

Or spent all week trying to cut them to match the odd waves.

Me.....I am thankful for caulk. On three of the walls I think the finish nails are more for show and to hold it to the drywall while the caulk dries.

But, by the end of Tuesday it was looking pretty good.

Mom was not happy being in the photos in her work clothes, but she was pretty happy about the progress in the old room.

Just a few months ago, the room had a rat and a wall full of bees.....what a change!

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