Monday, November 5, 2012

Wow, it has been a busy year.

Guess it is time to catch up on the blog.

May 2011 is kind of where I left off.

June was busy, a minor repair turned in to a redo of a room, dry wall repairs, new window casing, paint carpet, lighting etc

Also a fresh coat of paint and some beadboard for the kitchen.  As of today it still needs a tile back splash and some other trims.

The Forth of July brought a street party to the home next door

August saw me busy fixing the entry walk, adding a trash corral and clearing out a street planter and trees.

I had to use 16x16 tiles to cover the stump of a bottle brush tree, it had finally died so we could remove the stump and make a better access point to the deck and ramp.  This included breaking up an old sidewalk or two.

Mom fussed a lot about the redo of the front, but the neighbors are remodeling and moving their driveway.  Fixing that part of the entry makes it easier for her friends to turn cars around too.  And just as we were making the trash corral, the providers changed and we suddenly had massive bins.  The neighbors liked the bin corral design and are thinking of how to do theirs.

Of course all that sidewalk "urbanite" could not go to waste and is now the patio around our fire pit.

And then we were offered some junk plywood on it's way to the dump......

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