Monday, November 5, 2012

The Big Dig

Having a hillside garden means everything eventually wants to end at the bottom of the hill.  Water, top soil etc.

And with the slope is a greater chance of slipping and falling for mom and her friends.  It made sense to slow the slope with a series of low terraces and designated paths.  It also made sense to use that good top soil in the garden and create a depression to collect any rain run off.

And thus the big dig began, load after load dug up and pushed up the hill.  Down came the last of the old fencing, distinct paths around trees were created and terraces started.  We even have room to park a trailer now.  But what a lot of work!  And all in the summer heat no less.  This included removing two old palm tree stumps too.

We also did a bit of canning and picking of tomatoes

Added a sprinkler system and changed the drip system
 And added a run to our chicken coop

It has been a busy 16 months!

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