Monday, November 5, 2012

More Yard Work

With our well used little garden shed set up, mom found her roll of old green house plastic.  So of course a hoop house style would just not work... Not the prettiest of green houses, but for the price it works

Once the green house was in the corner, we could not just sit in the dirt!  We needed a patio.  The boys and I bought enough 12x12 pavers to get Mom a nice new patio to enjoy her birthday on.  She enjoys sitting there with her friends for lunch.

Since some of her friends are her age, and sitting there is not so private, we added a fence section and a hand rail.  And just because we were bored, the irrigation water line sprung a leak and while repairing that it was obvious that the days for the old line to the house was in bad shape.  Up went the old walk and the old lines.

January brought us the neighbors picket fencing no longer needed and in the way of their remodel

We now have our winter garden in a cute fence and mom does not want to see any more white picket fence paint.

By April, we were cleaning up a few areas and adding roses and more roses and...roses.

And a new driveway entry arch!

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