Sunday, April 10, 2011

Does it Ever End?

Last week I put the final sections of picket fencing up across the right side of the upper yard. Now to paint all those new pickets! And since the paint is different than the one we used when we did the front yard, those need a fresh coat too. I got the first coat of paint on all the new pickets and about 1/2 way through the old ones on that side too.

Mom has been commenting that her friends are afraid to drive up her street because their is no place to turn around. As a kid, if anyone even thought about parking in the turn-around point, old Mr George would be out yelling before they got their parking brake set. But, seems it has become a great place to double park now. I found a place to turn my car around tonight, but it was close and I can see how her friends don't like to drive up.

The neighbor is going to be adding a driveway directly across the street from her.

So, I think this means taking down a section of our fencing, breaking up some concrete sidewalk my dad put in, taking out a planter, removing some rocks, shoveling some dirt, cutting down a tree, digging up her bromiliads and turning our 1.5 car driveway in to a 3 car one.


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