Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is an Important Day

Today marks a special day in the gardens history.

The truck has the last full load ready to drop at the dump. It has been a long, hard 6 years. Countless loads have been cut up, drug out and shoved in the back of the Nissan pick up and dropped off at the transfer station. I think we have taken out a dozen in just the past couple of weeks. The yucca is gone, the lower gate opens, closes, locks and allows for a truck to back in to the property. The 100 year old two horse stable still stands, leaning pretty good, but finally has no junk leaning on it or hiding inside. The permissions have been cut to a level they can be picked with your feet still on the ground. The kiwi is out of the telephone and cable lines, so it the gage plum. The old chicken house is gone and a fancy new one occupied with very happy hens. Root stock plums have been trimmed and only one zapote remains-and it just a collection of bobbed branches. Cactus and countless other trees are gone and the hedge of quava is trimmed and restored.

We have a few new trees and plans for more to replace those that died out or out grew their locations. The garden will have a new fence and be ready for a second year of veggies.

We still have a lot of neatening up to do, some digging and raking to level it up and countless stumps to pull out. But in due time it will be done

The neighbor stopped by today and said it is going to look like a park soon. Not sure if he knew, but it was always my dads wish that the land would be a park someday.

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