Saturday, February 6, 2010

Progress January

Spring does not wait on us...........

Clearing and out transforming an overgrown and neglected garden of this size is a serious project, it is easy to spend a day working and be exhausted at the end of the day. When you look back, you have to remind yourself there was progress, even if your not sure the neighbors would agree.

We had a week of rain and then it took some time for the ground to dry so we can walk in it again. But this past week, about a dozen smaller tree stumps were pulled up, dirt was shoveled from a high part that wanted to dump dirt in the street in the rain and instead used to fill a part that was too low.

Two more loads of branches, the too big or crooked for the chipper and too small to cut for free firewood made it to the transfer station to be chipped up for some one else to use. A load of old wood and lumber went off to be ground up too.

For this first year, we are using plastic fencing, recycled from a finished school project and found by the side of the road. We will see if we like the lay out of the garden this year and then use a more durable fencing next year.

Of course we have a lot of extra help, the hens hoping for a worm to be turned over and they help us distribute the fresh dirt.

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