Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting the Garden in January

We have been busy; trees cut, small branches chipped, and limbs ready for the green waste. And had a BIG load of old scrap metal hauled (the hauler will sell, but all we had to do was make a pile and call him!)

I also pulled up some old wire fencing for a better garden by the house and walk for my mom to grow the more thirsty plants and the ones she picks and eats daily. We had an old gate that matched, not enough for all 4 sides, but the front will look good and who knows what else we will find as we finish clearing out the lower garden.

And....the first load of horse manure too......boy was she happy and I sure drove carefully with that in the bad end of the truck! We spread and dug some of it, probably need a couple more days to really get the beds ready to plant..........but she is ready!

And of all things to find in the yard, my dad must have drug home some kind of underground vault cover (nothing under it but dirt) maybe he thought it would be good to walk on, who knows.....guess it goes with the kitchen sink we found, faucet, toilet, and all the other finds.

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