Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mid March Update

The rains have come, and with the installation of a rain gauge, they have gone.

The ground has dried out enough we can dig in it and have even had to re-wet a section that is too compacted to get a shovel to break up the dirt.

As of today, we have taken out several more loads of wood, branches, palm tree trunks, yucca and old bee pollen traps. The metal man came again and took out a big load, included the old "smoker" aka refrigerator and the heavy metal rack.

Suddenly, we have a beautiful place to sit under the fruit trees and enjoy the garden. Who knew! I am looking forward to finishing the clean up of that area.

But for now, we have plants that need to go in the vegetable garden area:

As of today:

We have 4 new blue berries: two Sharpblue, Misty and Oneil.

Two new rows of Boysen Berries, two plants are new from the nursery, the first flower appeared today. The rest are made up of runners we dug up and transplanted. We hope they are good plants and not the naturalized black berry canes. Only time will tell.

Two new rows of Raspberries, also dug up and transplanted from where we will plant potatoes next week.

A tomatillo, tomato, artichokes, leaks, zucchini and two random asparagus.

Beans, Scarlet Runners and three colors of pole beans, Lima Beans and Snap Peas.

Peppers: red, green, a 6-pack of unusual colors, three banana, three Anaheim and three Jalapenos! Now for the salsa recipes!

One egg plant is in, but several are started and just waiting to get big enough.

We still have to dig some more for the root veggie section and then finish digging up the winter squash-muskmelon-watermelon area.

Considering this whole area was an over grown orchard with tiny sections that Mom carved out as small clear garden patches just a couple of months ago, it is the start of a hopefully amazing crop. If nothing else, it looks much better for the neighbors, the trip hazards are greatly reduced and should she fall, people walking up the street can see her. And, we have clear access to the dozens of fruit trees, several still need trimming and most will get a good thinning out once we can determine which limbs are productive and which are not.

The almost dead grapefruit has already shown up how happy it is with the work we have done, it is covered in fresh leaves and tiny flower buds.

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  1. Wow, just keep moving along with this. I know it's redundant, but GREAT JOB. :)